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Conveyancing is the legal term for the process of buying and selling property or land. Doughtys W S has the expertise and knowledge of the property market in the Berwickshire and East Lothian area to provide a fully professional service, whether you are buying or selling, or both.

Buying a Property
When you appoint Doughtys W S we will ‘note interest’ with the selling agent which means you will then be kept informed of any changes of status in the property, such as the setting of a closing date, for example. When your decision is made to purchase the property, we will submit a written offer on your behalf at the appropriate time.
The conveyancing process starts once your offer has been accepted and begins with ‘the missives’. At this stage we will negotiate the terms of the purchase with the seller’s solicitors. When agreement has been reached ‘the missives’ are concluded and at that stage you are committed to buying the property. We will then work actively towards meeting the deadlines for completion of the sale and the entry date.

Selling a Property
Doughtys W S act as Solicitors and Estate Agents in property sales. The legal process for selling a property is very similar to that of a purchase. And if you are selling and buying a property, we can carry out the conveyancing for both transactions.

Our Fees
The conveyance of a property can be a lengthy and sometimes complex process. Our conveyancing fees are priced at a level to reflect our proactive approach and professional attention to the conclusion of your transaction. We provide a friendly, efficient and knowledgeable service and believe we offer excellent value for money.

Conveyancing Enquiry

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